Wild Horses and Burros

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2015 Omnibus Bill [see pages 108, 714 & 715 for equine protections]

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See how you can help lone Wild Abaco Horse, Nunki, by clicking her picture below:

James Anaquad Kleinert's Documentary
Wild Horses and Renegades

Click HERE to view the story of Hayden, a Mustang who was removed from his home in the Pryor Mountains in 2009 and found his way to Equine Advocates Rescue and Sanctuary. 

It's an interesting journey that also involves Terry Fitch and Ginger Kathrens.

    This is from our March 25, 2010 rally in Washington, DC.
Thanks to RT & Terry Fitch for creating the video and
Maria Daines for her fabulous song, I Wanna Run Free.

News, Reports and Resource Material

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Report to Congress on the Wild Horse and Burro Program

Wild Horse Press Conference [Phoenix, March 2011]

                                                                 Craig Downer: Reserve Design

November 2009 Moratorium

American Herds…


 A Similar Vaccine

Calico: Past, Present & Future
Calico: Past, Present & Future II
Calico: Past, Present & Future III
Calico: Past, Present & Future IV
Calico: Past, Present & Future V
Calico: Past, Present & Future VI

                                                                  What's Left? 


                                               Summary Report

                                               The Thriving Natural Ecological Balance

   On da Take

   What Judge?

   Say Something!

   Tidbits and Toadstools 

   Gold In Them Thar Hills!

   Katie on Calico (courtesy of Katie Fite)

   The Dead of Winter

   Buried | Eckel Testimony



Design and Image copyright Terry Fitch

July 30, 2010 Congressional letter to Salazar on reforming wild horse & burro policies

Congressmen Raul Grijalva’s letter to the BLM

   BLM Alternative Management Options
   BLM Approved Minutes-Sacramento 06.15.09
   BLM Team Conference Calls 05.13.09

An Open Letter to the President to Stop the Extermination of our Wild Horses

Tri-State Preliminary Census Press Release & Survey Map

Toano Wild Horse Herd Area (back-up documentation to press release on Pilot Valley horse round-up)

Craig Downer Fly-Over Report 06.21.10
: Owyhee Wild Horse Herd Management Area (WHMA), Rock Creek WHMA, and Little Humboldt WHMA

Craig Downer 2012 updated Reserve Design

Craig Downer materials from BLM WH&B Workshop in Denver 06.14.10 & 06.15.10
      Reserve Design          Help the North American Eco System

George Knapp [I-Team Reports]…

They execute horses, don't they?

Nearly 80 Wild Horses Dead After Roundup

Report on wild Mustangs in Nevada wins prestigious regional Edward R. Murrow Award. Congratulations to George Knapp [and Matt Adams & Ian Russell) at KLAS-TV8 in Nevada on the well deserved recognition for Stampede to Oblivion.

         Stampede to Oblivion - follow-up Report
         Part 2: Wild Horses Forced into a Stampede of Death
Part 1:  BLM Wraps Up Huge Wild Horse Roundup

         Injunction Filed to Fight Wild Horse Roundup

                                                                                      Horseback Magazine


Oops, Could Have Sworn BLM Said There Could Be No Flying Over Its “Gathers”

Plenty of Water at Nevada Roundup – And Dead Horses Too!

Plenty of Water at Nevada Roundup - and Dead Horses Too? Part II

Catch 22, BLM Hiding Identity of Landowners

Guest Column: BLM Contractor Speaks Out

                           Legal Activity & Animal Law Coalition articles…

Triple B
 Opinion on Preliminary Injunction [District Court]

Triple B Opinion on  issuance of Injunctive order from 
 9th circuit court of appeals

Habitat for Horses Advisory Council (
HfHAC) legal actions:

     North Piceance Legal Action:

          Legal Documents

     West Douglas:

         Press Release

         Order granting motion shortening time on motion

         Motion - contempt and sanctions & shortening response time

         Memorandum of law support of Plaintiff's motion


      For additional legal documents on this case, click here


Law suit filed to block Twin Peaks round-up
   Press Release

Court Documents
 07.23.10 Motion for Renewed TRO
   07.23.10 Laura Leigh Declaration
   07.23.10 Nena Winand Declaration

   07.19.10 Motion for Contempt-Relief
   07.19.10 Declaration for Contempt Motion
   07.19.10 Exhibit A - DOI Letter

   Tuscarora Complaint
   Tuscarora Motion for Restraining Order  
   Tuscarora Court Order 07.14.10

Western Watersheds Project Wins Summary Judgment against BLM

BLM: "We are not the Bureau of Horses" by Laura Allen, Animal Law Coalition

BLM’s Final Solution for the Wild Horses and Burros

A Preliminary Injunction for Christmas

Cattoor Indictment




Editorials, Articles & Media

Lukas Meets the Mustangs

BLM Violates Own Safety Policies to Dazzle New York Times

PZP-22 Do unintended side-effects outweigh benefits? by Ginger Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation

Daily Editorials by RT Fitch

A Slick in the Night by Valerie James-Patton

The BLM Slaughter Conspiracy by John Holland and Valerie James-Patton

Carrol Abel: Time to “rein in” BLMs wild horse and burro program

Willis Lamm:
BLM’s Slippery Slope

RT Fitch:
I hate these wild horses

CNN Report on America’s Wild Horses and Burros

Calico Round-up: Video | Report 

EWA Video by Laura Leigh: The Horses of Calico Complex

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 Brochures & Other Materials

EWA Wild Horse and Burro Brochure – Outside Cover

EWA Wild Horse and Burro Brochure – Alternate Outside Cover

EWA Wild Horse and Burro Brochure – Inside

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Wild Horse Crisis - and solution! A minidoc by Jeff Roth & Kurt Brungardt

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