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EWA is providing the below links with valuable resource information and editorial comment. We have chosen not to duplicate information that is available on other sites on our site but to post only information created and/or distributed by EWA or initiatives involving EWA.

We feel the below sampling of sites provides a vast information network that contains historical information as well as current issues. If you are unable to find information you are seeking, please email us at


American Herds

American Hippotherapy Association

American Horse Meat

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Animal Law Coalition

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

The Cloud Foundation

Cornwalls Voice for Animals

Deanne Stillman

Equine Advocates | GFAS Accredited

Equine Justice

Front Range Equine Rescue|GFAS Accredited

Golden Days

Ghost Dancers

Habitat for Horses | GFAS Accredited

 Heather Clemenceau
 Highveld Horse Care Unit of South Africa
Horseback Magazine

Horse Racing Wrongs

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Italian Horse Protection Association

Kaufman Zoning

Manes and Tails Organization



R.T. Fitch

Save Our Wild Horses

Stop Horse Slaughter

US Wild Horses

Veterinarians for Equine Welfare

Wild Horse Global Project Relief Fund

Wild Horse War Room | Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates

Wind Dancer Foundation





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