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Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Equine Welfare Alliance are dedicated to providing information exposing the inherent cruelty and abuse associated with horse slaughter and what is really happening to our wild horses and burros – on and off the range.


Investigations by nature are graphic. Most of our investigative documents begin
with a cover sheet so if you choose not to view the images, you can read the summary and close the document.

nvestigation | Released 2015.02.10
Type: Observation | Eagle Pass Export Pens

   Report includes video footage and images

Over one year ago, Ayache [Three Angels Farm] was investigated with 5 complaints
   filed. While justice is often slow in coming, Nancy Amons, WSMV-TV reported on
   September 12, 2013 that Dorian Ayache was federally indicted.

      August 2014 Court Documents:

Conditions of Release
Plea Agreement Served
Terminate Hearing
Plea Agreement Accepted

September, 2013 Court Documents:

Order for Trial        
Arrest Warrant        
Criminal Minutes [Theresa Vincent] 
Order [Theresa Vincent]        
Release Conditions [Theresa Vincent] 
Release Conditions [Dorian Ayache]        
Criminal Minutes [Dorian Ayache]
Order [Dorian Ayache]        
Passport Notice [Theresa Vincent]

Indictment and Warrant Papers   


Investigation | Released 2013.04.19
Type: FOIA | New Mexico FSIS Permit Processing [Part 2]
     Summary with links to FOIA documents

  Investigation | Released 2013.04.16
  Type: FOIA | New Mexico FSIS Permit Processing [Part 1]
     Summary with links to FOIA documents
         Links to reduced size PDFs

  Investigation | Released 2013.03.16
  Type: FOIA | Mexico Border Pen Inspections

     FOIA Request

     USDA Response   [file is 20MB and will take a moment to load]

   Investigation | Released 2013.02.24
   Type: FOIA | Illegal Horse Meat Shipments - Port of Houston


      Shipment Details from bills of lading

      2007 Ruling Upholding 1949 Texas state law

   Investigation | Released 2013.02.11
   Type: FOIA | Commercial Transportation Violations

      FOIA Request

      USDA Response


You can now be an active part of the solution!


Wild Horse Freedom Federation
Equine Welfare Alliance have partnered in bringing a team of certified Investigators into our program so that we can jointly work together to shine the light of documented truth upon the bloody trade of kill buyers transporting American horses across our borders and the BLM’s continued cruel roundups and ultimate sale of our national icons to the very same kill buyers that haunt auctions, race tracks and unattended pastures of everyday horse owners.

If you know of a suspect activity or have evidence of any violation of law by kill buyers or the BLM you can instantly alert us by sending an email to or

Your information will be held in the strictest confidence so as to preserve its integrity for any impending legal action and your return email address will be closely guarded. But if anonymity is your preference you may fill out the simple form, below, and it will be automatically forward to our “tips” email box to be evaluated and acted upon.

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Since this form is anonymous and the investigators cannot contact you for additional information, all information must be completed in order for the  investigators to act upon.

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Detailed Information and/or Documentation:

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The horses thank you for your information and support.

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