How You Can Help

Here are several ways you can help to end horse slaughter and preserve our wild horses and burros.
Educational material such as presentations, PSA spots and fact sheets
are available
. The material can be used for discussions with your legislators, for group presentations, conferences or any medium used to provide education on horse slaughter. 

 2014 Flyer  [general]

       - Sign this petition to defund horse inspections. As of December 13, 2013,
         there were 64,211 signatures. Please add yours if your haven't already!

to sign the petition
         Note: It is best to find an existing petition rather than start new petitions.
         One petition with thousands of supporters will be noticed. Thousands of
         petitions with a few hundred supporters will not have little or no impact.
         Leverage the supporters into one strong voice!

- Stay in contact with your legislators at the local office(s) and DC office and
   schedule face-to-face meetings with your legislator or lead aid.

Also remember, letters are a form of lobbying. Lobbyists hit as many offices as they can so do the same with your letters. Don't feel you need to only contact your legislators. Your tax dollars fund all of their salaries! 

- If you are interested in having legislation introduced in your state, contact
  Laura Allen

- Stay current on information and ask questions. If we don’t know the answer,
  we’ll research and provide information.

- Be sure you know what the opposition is saying so you are able to
  address questions.

- Volunteer at a local rescue to familiarize yourself with rescue operations. 

      - Visit the resource links for additional information from other resources
         and organizations

EWA received its 501(c)(4)
 designation in February, 2011, enabling us to accept donations. Most donations are not tax deductible but please check with your tax
advisor as certain donations may be deductible.

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