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EWA is a dues free, all volunteer 501(c)(4) umbrella organization representing
over 300 member organizations
The Southern Cherokee Government
over 1,100 individual members worldwide in 22 countries.
EWA and its members are involved in a grass roots effort dedicated to ending the slaughter of American Horses and the preservation and protection of our Wild Horses & Burros on public lands.

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 EWA Board of Directors

John Holland, President
Vicki Tobin, Vice President
      vicki@equinewelfarealliance.org  or  vicki@vickitobin.com
Jeff Hudson, Director
Jo-Claire Corcoran, Director
Daryl Smoliak, Director


2013 EWA President's message to members and supporters

EWA Subject Matter Experts (SME)
SMEs are a group of individuals we reach out to for information pertaining to their expertise in a given area. They are not compensated and other than Jeff, Valerie and Jo-Claire that are board members, they are not involved in EWA operations. 

Veterinary Sciences

Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, DACVB
Jeff Hudson | jeff@equinewelfarealliance.org      
Jo-Claire Corcoran | jo-claire@equinewelfarealliance.org
Eryn Pearson | eryn@equinewelfarealliance.org                    
Wildlife and Wild Horses
                        James Anaquad Kleinert

Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist  
Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Julie Caramante | julie@equinewelfarealliance.org  
Canadian Operations

Shelley Grainger, Sinikka Crosland & Twyla Francois

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
Italian Partners

Antonio Nardi-Dei da Filicaja Dotti, Presidente

Sonny Richichi, Responsabile Organizzativo

Italian Horse Protection Association

 Graphic Design and Photojournalism

Terry Fitch | terry@equinewelfarealliance.org
   Social Networking

Jo Bunny | jo@equinewelfarealliance.org

 Founding Members

Design copyright Terry Fitch, Image copyright John Holland


 Terry Fitch wins the Amateur People’s Choice award 3 years in
 a row! Read about it here and here and here. The first years'
 win is the banner image on our website and a rescue horse 
 owned by Willie Nelson.










             Investigation Fund
A partnership with Wild Horse Freedom Federation [WHFF]


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